Want more from your laminator?

GMP Sleeking™ laminators and various other marketing leading laminators have been adapted from standard laminators to enable the creation of incredible digital print using digital transfer foils and special effect (optical) films.

Sleeking ™ is our low-cost entry where you can create digital print all in-house, using metallic foiling for various designs, spot UV effects as well as full-page lamination, all on just one GMP machine.

  • No lamination required 
  • Holographic effects
  • Metallic Foiling 
  • Spot, background and full image in both gloss and matt finishes
  • Variable data 
  • Overprinting of foils to give infinite metallic effects

Standard digital foiling

Colour & foil, great for certificates & business cards

Combine two foils & variable data


With more possibilities than ever before, you can say goodbye to traditional methods of customer-made foil blocks or expensive dies that were required to achieve similar foil effects. Reducing both time and cost.

GMP Sleeking™ allows for foil to be overprinted. Unlike others in the market, the foil is porous to allow for it to bond with digital ink. Many use silver foil to create a multitude of different colours and finishes.


Ideal for variable data and spot gloss on book covers

Spot varnish with holographic films

Bespoke packaging and print design (game cards)


Through the design of the GMP laminating range and other adapted market leading laminators – the pneumatic roller-system pressure combined with the digital heat transfer technology, more can be achieved than just standard lamination.

One-off bespoke print can now be produced as quickly as it can be designed, in-house at a lower cost. Multiple applications of the foil and films can be achieved through design, allowing for higher return and reuse of materials.


Combine Sleeking for bespoke packaging

Variable data foiling, ideal for wedding stationary

Bespoke marketing material


We offer a metallic range of silver, gold, rose gold, copper, red, blue, pink and various other coloured foils alongside optical holographic films. Plus, we supply clear gloss and matt Sleeking films, so spot UV style finishes and non-crack book covers can be created. Woffer glitter laminates in both silver and gold.