Digital OPP Lamination Film

Digital OPP Lamination Film

At Gardiners we are proud to say that we hold an unrivalled range of digital lamination films when it comes to bond strength and consistent quality.

Digital Surebond: A cost effective digital alternative to the Ultrabond offering a wide range of flexible widths and lengths - perfect if you have a niche requirement.

GMP Digital Ultrabond: Well renowned as the best product on the market for bond and continuity. Are you a digital printer or finishing house trying to cover a variety of digital outputs? No time to worry about delamination on high colour coverage? Ultrabond is the best product to have on your laminator, guaranteed to work every time.

GMP Digital Ultrabond 25mic / 28mic: Brand new to our shelves. Same great consistent quality as the thicker gauge with a little less adhesive for a more cost effective alternative. Will work perfectly on those digital jobs with a little less colour density. 

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Digital Surebond 40mic, 43mic
Gloss, Matt
GMP Digital Ultrabond
40mic, 43mic Gloss, Matt, Silktouch, Hardcoat
GMP Digital Ultrabond 25mic, 28mic Gloss, Matt