GMP Sleeking & Digital transfer foils

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GMP Sleeking, Digital Foiling & Spot Varnish effects

As far as trends go in print finishing industry both foiling, spot UV add the best value and now with unrivalled GMP Sleeking to add more creative possibilities, making your prints stand out with excellence. GMP Sleeking is new technique that’s works with fusing the toner in the digital print with GMP foils, all done on a GMP laminator. Creating a new avenue that is unheard of to many in the print world.

The digital finishing technology works on fusing with toner Sleeking digital transfer foils, you are able to buy various different coloured foils, metallic, holographic and security films. When combining the right paper, ink, design, laminate and the perfect digital finish you can create the perfect digital print.

You want to be able to create print that leaves a lasting impression. Producing print with an impact is crucial to increase your image whilst being able to shorten on lead times. Not many can foil in a day.

What is GMP Sleeking?
It combines a GMP Sleeking laminator that has a pneumatic roller with the right temperature when combined with Sleeking foils, which is designed with a special adhesion to fuse with the toner in the digital ink.

An added benefit of GMP foils is the benefit of being able to overprint our foils and spot varnishes. The Sleeking process and digital foils adhere to a range of substrates, most commonly paper or card.

What Sleeking and digital transfer foils are available?
GMP provides a full range of colours, most popular being our silver and gold foils which look great when overprinted. We also supply gloss & matt Sleeking films that can be used for spot varnishing and for overprinting.

GMP digital Sleeking transfer foils available:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Black
  • White

GMP also exclusively have a supreme range of holographic foils that add unique finish:

  • Sparkle
  • Milky Way
  • Crystal
  • Star

You can also buy a range of patterned holographic films for authentic security print.

What materials can be Sleeked, foils and spot varnished?
Generally with traditional methods you can foil a varied range of substrates, with GMP Sleeking you can use coated and uncoated paper, cardboard & a selected of laminated sheets (please ask for more information).

What makes Sleeking special?
It’s an innovative alternative that comes at a fraction of the cost, being able to combine digital work and your laminator to open an new avenue in-house.

How can GMP Sleeking and digital foils benefit you?

  • Creativity, the ease of being able to create new designs
  • Create more of an impact
  • For a variety of applications, business cards, wedding invites, personalised print…
  • No limitations on the amount you want foiled, in comparison to traditional methods it comes at a fraction of the price.

Can you use more than one foil per sheet?
Yes it simple to combine foils, if you’d like to have two, three, four colour foils or unless you’d like to combine with spot varnish or overprinting.

Can Sleeking and digital foiling be used for…

  • Short-run? Yes, one of designs, letters and prints are simple to foil and Sleek.
  • Long run? Yes
  • Variable data? Yes, it’ simple to foil and Sleek with variable data as you don’t need to create a foil plate similar to traditional methods
  • Intricate detail? Yes, as Sleeking and digital foiling adheres to the toner, intricate detail can make a real impact to your digital print 

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