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If you need to know the basics before picking an laminator or encapsulator please see our blog on lamination lingo

What laminator? Pouch? Double, single or encapsulator? 

Lamination & encapsulation add protection, improve print definition and heighten colour qualities and strengthen and add length to the life of your prints/materials. It's beneficial to stop the need of re-printing in the nearby future, adding a professional standard whilst saving on material and money. 

First things first. In the lamination lingo blog  microns are explained, it's simply the unit of measurement used to measure film thickness. The higher the micron, the thicker the film and the more rigid the print. 

Hot or cold lamination?
The process can involve heat in the lamination, encapsulation and pouch process meaning a heat roller will activate the thermal adhesive to the products and then cool to create superb results and cold lamination (also known as pressure sensitive lamination) this is used when you don't want to damage the ink with heat, still having rollers but instead to apply pressure to the adhesive, used more for vinyl graphic work. 

Quick note. Prevent silvering?
When laminating silvering can occur, look at the tension, heat and film quality to assure that you don't get this on your prints. 

Pouch laminators? 
Pouch laminators are ideal for quick one stop lamination of documents, bonding the documents within inside the pouch to create a transparent border. Process known as encapsulation, using the heat to create the adhesive bond to the print. Although more economically friendly, a pouch lamination is limited to more application and the documents requiring hand feeding and ready made pouches that will suitably with your print.  

 Film laminators? 
This is where you'll find yourself with a lot more options, film laminators are broken down into double sided, single sided, dual sided, encapsulation, and wide format laminators. 

 Dual/single sided film laminators...
Ideal for in-house lamination, dual sided laminators provide excellent results for both single and double sided lamination and encapsulation. Not sacrificing on quality, machines are designed to provide outstandiing results on single sided lamination, equiped with anti-curl bar alongside incredible results for dual sided. It gives you freedom when laminating to the final products to take inconsideration the final use of the product and the amount of protection and material you want to use. 

Encapsulation machines...
Giving you more freedom in comparison to pouches, it allows for larger items to be encapsulated. Designed to keep up with heavy work, encapsulation machines can make easy work of what may take a while on a small pouch machine. 

To see more on lamination process check out lamination lingo blog


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