6 GMP Sleeking Benefits

Posted by Amy-Louise Strevens on

1. Nothing to lose. If the combinations aren't quite what you are looking for, just print again. No lamination REQUIRED! 

2. Silver Sleeking foil can turn any digital print colour into a vibrant metallic print. Even add a holographic film for something different.

3. Alongside the special effects sleeking can provide 100% bubble free full page gloss Sleek, it doesn't work the same as traditional film. The gloss film adheres to the toner, providing lamination that can be crack free with incredible flexibility, ideal for book covers. 

4. Endless creative combinations. Easy to experiment. Effortlessly add value to your digital print.

5. It really does cost a fraction of the price, if you don't get the right result the first time- it's easy to alter. 

6. Variable data foiling and sleeking is simple, no expensive dyes or waiting times required, making digital print exciting and personal. 

For more information check out our Sleeking Page

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